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Student Life

Student Organizations

At the College of Saint Mary Magdalen, students form a variety of student organizations.  Each year begins with a student activities fair at which each organization sets up a booth and promotes its activities.  Every year, new organizations begin while established groups grow in exciting ways.  

Student Government

The student government at the College of Saint Mary Magdalen provides a forum for students to grow and develop as student leaders. The students are encouraged to participate by serving in an elected position or by actively engaging in the assembly meetings.

St. Genesius Players (Drama Club) 

The Genesius Players are dedicated to bringing excellent theatrical productions to the College and local community by performing at least one major play or musical each year. The troupe welcomes all levels of acting ability and encourages all students to come and immerse themselves in the craft of acting so that they may better understand the true form of the art and enrich student life through beautiful and compelling works of the theater. 


At the College of Saint Mary Magdalen, music is all around—inside the classroom and beyond.  Students sing and play as soloists or form their own ensembles, performing extemporaneously and in more formal settings (such as at Parents’ Weekend).  Students also attend concerts, operas, and ballets in Boston and Concord.

Our collegiate choirs exist at the heart of our musical life together.  There is the all-college choir that sings at our Sunday Mass, has produced five recordings in its history, has sung at the Boston Eucharistic Congress, and sings each year at the cathedral for the Red Mass and the Feast of Christ the King.  The culmination of the choir’s year comes during Holy Week, particularly at the Easter Vigil.  Students also participate in the polyphony choir and various chant ensembles.


The Fine Arts, the Art Show, and the Art Club

The College of Saint Mary Magdalen understands the value of the via pulchritudinis as a path by which the human person can—through the fine arts and the created beauty of nature—travel ever closer toward an encounter with the Author of all that is True, Good, and Beautiful.  Complementing this more Platonic understanding the arts, the College simultaneously affirms the goodness of human making—as distinct from knowing and doing—rooted in the goodness of material creation and the craft that undergirds the cultural products that we value across human history.  This twofold perspective of the arts finds its place in our four years of music and art (both in their contemplative and practical dimensions) and in our offering of an art scholarship in honor of St. Luke.  Each academic year concludes with an art show that features student art and is open to both the collegiate and the larger New Hampshire communities.

The Art Club of the college plays an important role in the life of the college by providing students with the opportunity to come together outside of the curriculum to perfect their skills by learning from each other while exploring a variety of media and styles.

Spes vitae

Spes Vitae (Hope for Life) is the pro-life club at the College of St. Mary Magdalen.  The mission of the club is to actively promote a culture of life through concrete means such as pro-life holy hours, volunteering at local pregnancy help centers, witnessing in prayer at abortion clinics, participation in local prolife events (e.g. annual N.H. March for Life), etc.  Through these activities, the club benefits the college community as well as society at large by providing a formal means of activism and discipleship.

The president of Spes Vitae, Ava Voissem, addressed the assembled guests, families, faculty, staff, and students at Parents Weekend in 2011.  In 2012 she also addressed a New Hampshire legislative sub-committee in favor of de-funding Planned Parenthood.

Confraternity of Saint Joseph

In the fall of 2012, a new confraternity, the Confraternity of Saint Joseph, was established on campus.  This group meets weekly at the president’s home for a home-cooked meal, spiritual reading, prayer, and fellowship.  All of the incoming freshmen men are welcome to join the Confraternity each year, marking their entrance formally with the reception of the scapular of Saint Joseph.


Sodality of Mary 

In the Sodality of Mary, young women from the College gather bi-weekly with the wife of the President for a time of food, prayer, fellowship, and mutual encouragement.

Each gathering begins with prayer (often including lectio divina) and is followed by discussions of topics that affect Catholic women at the beginning of the twenty-first century.  Following the discussion, the women enjoy a good home-cooked meal and great conversation.


Knights of Columbus

In the spring semester of 2012, Jonathan Camara (class of 2013)—with the assistance of the College’s chaplain, Father Neil Roy, and several local councils—began the process of establishing a council the College.  The first inductions took place in March and April that semester.   Future plans include working with the campus pro-life club (Spes Vitae), assisting at the Warner Fall Foliage Festival, different service projects around the school, as well as working with other local councils.  

The Cooking Club

The Cooking Club, under the guidance of our college’s Chef, Kevin Shea, was founded this year (2013). The club is focused on two goals. Firstly, to teach those students who have an enthusiasm for cooking the tools they need to become better at cooking while still having a fun time. This includes learning how to properly use a knife, different methods of cooking, safety in the kitchen, and helping Chef prepare meals to get first-hand experience. The cooking clubs first recipe attempt as an official club was Crème Brulee which was a success!       

The second goal of the club is an outreach program. The hope is to be able to use cooking to help those in need through preparing food for those in nursing homes and getting involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. The cooking club has been selling baked goods at the CSMM’s Monthly Fish Fries in order to raise money for this outreach program.

The Pier Giorgio Hiking Club

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati was known for his piety and dedication to works of social action, charity, prayer and community. He was also a lover of nature and enjoyed participating in outdoor activities, especially hiking. The The Pier Giorgio Hiking club, founded in 2013, hopes to follow the noble example of Blessed Pier by taking time out of the busy college schedule to enjoy the beauty of nature on hikes in the surrounding areas.

This past spring, a group of 15 students spent the afternoon hiking up the picturesque Mount Sunapee in the local New Hampshire State Parks.  

Intramural and Intercollegiate Sports

As the Greeks understood, authentic education trains both body and soul.  Students at the College of Saint Mary Magdalen play a variety of sports in both formal and informal settings.  The College is equipped with a spacious gym that includes a tennis court and basketball goals.  Outdoors, the college offers a field for soccer and football. 

In recent years, a friendly rivalry with the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts has arisen, with teams competing in soccer, basketball, and football.

Members of the sports teams at the College have also assisted with sporting events at nearby Mount Royal Academy.